Brio® delivers advanced technology to keep the clean airflow high and the filter costs low.

HVAC systems are not designed to remove the toxic fine and ultrafine particles produced in dental practices. By adding Brio® in-room air purifiers, you can quickly eliminate harmful particles and improve your workplace air quality.

Innovative technology

Brio’s patented electrostatic technology, developed at the University of Washington, rapidly traps health-damaging ultrafine particles as small as 0.01 microns – including aerosolized viruses- without filter clogging.

Powerful performance

Brio’s clean air delivery and performance stay high—so your air stays clean—over the entire period between filter replacements. Brio’s clean air delivery rate for ultrafine particles is 50% higher than that of comparable HEPA air purifiers.

How Brio beats HEPA

In performance tests—conducted under identical lab conditions for Brio and similarly sized HEPA and Photocatalytic air purifiers—Brio never dropped below 90 percent of its original clean air delivery rate (CADR). Brio also collected 60 grams of dust—significantly more than HEPA-style and PCO-style air purifiers in the test group.

Brio’s stylish exterior  is paired with sophisticated air cleaning technology inside. 

Brio Air Purifier
Deep air cleaning begins with 360-degree air intake at Brio’s elevated base. The Pre-Filter traps larger, visible particles, pet hair, and debris. Brio’s powerful fan draws pollutants upward and past the Particle Charger where they gain an electrostatic charge. Charged particles are drawn out of the airflow and trapped in the APART Collection Cartridge until the cartridge is full and ready for disposal. This patented process means peak performance with no clogging. Before returning purified air to the room, Brio’s Refresh Plus Filter removes ambient ozone to keep your air safe.

Low cost-to-own

Brio’s long-life filter can last a year or longer before it needs to be changed. So, Brio saves you time and money while deep cleaning the air you breathe. Brio is a great investment and the filter savings over years of use make Brio a good value, too.

Let's discuss the air quality needs for your practice how Brio can help

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