Room-by-Room IAQ Solutions to Remove Viruses, Toxins, and Allergens


Brio® in-room air purifiers close the gap between office HVAC systems and healthy indoor air.

Is your older HVAC system not up to the task of removing viruses, smoke or other ultrafine particles? As employees return to the office, the expectation for elevated clean indoor air standards may be hard to meet. Attempts to adapt legacy systems may lead to increased inefficiency, higher energy usage, and more maintenance expense. And often fail to solve the problem. And a full HVAC system upgrade can be costly and take months of planning. Now, you can quickly and easily improve your indoor air quality with patented Brio in-room air purifiers.


Brio’s patented electrostatic technology—developed at the University of Washington—rapidly removes damaging fine and ultrafine particles as small as 0.01 microns without filter clogging.

Airborne particles are electrostatically charged as they flow past Brio’s internal ionizing wires and are captured for later removal in a zero-maintenance, disposable cartridge. Brio delivers a constant, clean air flow and peak effectiveness over time, with fewer filter changes, less maintenance, and a lower cost-to-own than comparable HEPA air purifiers.

Brio is a great investment in your indoor air quality, and the filter savings over years of use make Brio a good value, too.

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As an advanced alternative to HEPA, Brio delivers a constant clean airflow between filter cartridge changes, and Brio’s clean air delivery rate for ultrafine particles is 50% higher than that of comparable HEPA in-room air purifiers.


In performance tests of Brio and similarly sized HEPA air purifiers, only Brio stayed at 90 percent of its original clean air delivery rate, trapping 60 grams of fine dust—collecting significantly more than the tested HEPA air purifiers.

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