Innovative Technology for Indoor Air Purification

Close the HVAC Clean Air Gap with Agentis Air

Close the clean air gap at work with Brio®, the innovative air purifier

Brio Air Purifier for Offices

Brio fits in at work, quickly.

You’ve upgraded your systems, but chances are there is still a gap between your office HVAC and healthy indoor air.  And it may be affecting employee morale as well as health. Brio makes fixing the problem affordable, easy, and fast with easy-to-operate, user-controlled units, using highly effective patented technology, for peak performance and low maintenance. Don’t wait!  Solve the clean air gap now, with Brio.

Brio the innovative air purifier uits Hybrid work

Brio is right at home for hybrid and remote work.

Whether it’s twice a week or all week long, if part of your week is spent at home, you need to get the best indoor air quality, no matter what’s going on outside. Easy, effective, and low maintenance, Brio is a great home office companion, removing damaging fine and ultrafine particles, smoke, dust, pollen, mold spores, and viruses. Make your hybrid home offce a healthy work environment with Brio.


Our Advanced Particle Removal Technology

Developed over five years by research scientists and technologists at the University of Washington’s Sensors, Energy, and Automation Laboratory, APART™ eliminates permanent metal collection plates which are responsible for the performance limitations and maintenance costs of traditional ESP. Instead, the technology employs a high-capacity disposable cartridge of dense foam plates, each encasing a conductive core. As the conductive core draws charged particles inward, they are permanently captured in the open cell foam.

Constant Effectiveness

Unlike mechanical HEPA-style filtration, there is no filter to clog, so airflow is improved. The APART collection media has a longer life as well. Over the cartridge life, APART provides constant effectiveness at a lower cost, and with less maintenance than comparable HEPA systems.

Flexible Applications

In our own innovative products, and in partnership with companies and organizations, Agentis Air employs APART technology to improve air-filtration effectiveness. Applications include portable air purifiers, commercial HVAC systems, air exchangers, and dynamic air-filtration systems using sophisticated, building-control sensor data.

Brio Cleans the Air without Clogging a Filter

Brio, The Innovative Air Purifier

Patented Advanced Particle Removal Technology from Agentis Air is the foundation for innovative solutions for consumer, commercial, and institutional environments.  Our Brio air purifier, shown here, delivers clean air using APART technology.



Pollution particles are drawn out of the airflow instead of being pushed through a mechanical filter. With no filter to clog, the Agentis Air solution stays consistently effective over the life of the collection cartridge.


With no filter to clog, APART requires less work by the fan motor and less energy usage than mechanical filtration systems. In commercial applications, the energy used can be half that of a typical HEPA filtration system.


The long-lasting, disposable APART collection cartridge is easily removed and replaced with no tools, overcoming the primary drawback of traditional ESP systems.


APART has clear advantages over traditional electrostatic technology. The technology is commercially scalable with less labor and the expanded surface area and increased load capacity make APART a more practical, economical choice.


Adapting to real-time environmental conditions, APART technology-enabled systems use sensor data to dynamically adjust filtration levels and associated energy use.

Better indoor air: How Brio works


Polluted air is fan-drawn into the collection cartridge.

Particles gain an electrical charge as they pass the ionizing wire.

Charged particles are drawn out of the airflow and trapped in dense foam surrounding a conductive core.

Clean air flows back into the room.

With no filter to clog, Brio’s patented APART technology delivers better indoor air with less filtration media changes. As a result, Brio can promise peak effectiveness, with no drop off between cartridge changes. Brio’s technology also means lower maintenance time and expense.



Patented technology for effectiveness that starts high and stays high. With no filter to clog, our portable air purifier maintains peak effectiveness—the most important feature an air purifier can have for home and office use. 


A fully enabled HVAC system based on Advanced Particle Removal Technology results in marked performance improvements, including a consistently high effectiveness rate over six months of constant use.


APART technology can adapt performance and power consumption to real-time environmental conditions with sensor-based monitoring. The result is optimal performance to fit dynamic needs, while significantly reducing energy costs.


In heavily polluted environments, replacing a mechanical filter with an Agentis Air APART-based system can increase the time between filter changes, reduce the required fan power, and save on energy. All while keeping effectiveness high.