Purifying the air in homes, offices, and institutions is essential for health, longevity, and productivity.  We want to make it more effective.


We could live without food for weeks, without water for days, but we can’t live without air for more than a few minutes. Upwards of 85 percent of our lives are spent indoors, yet our indoor air quality is not protected from external dangers in the same way we protect our food and water supplies.

Indoor air pollution is now clearly linked to a growing number of life-shortening diseases—beyond known respiratory ailments—including heart disease and dementia. Compounding the problem, the sources of indoor air pollution are increasing and aren’t visible to the human eye.

So, it’s disturbing to learn that the concentration of pollutants indoors can be two to five times more than what is found outdoors, and occasionally more than 100 times higher, according to EPA research.   And the more time we are at home, the more daily life—home heating, cooking, cleaning, working, living—amplifies the possible pollution sources and increases the importance of clean indoor air.

At Agentis Air we apply experience and expertise in engineering, commercial air pollution controls, air ventilation, and a very personal understanding of the harm caused by indoor air pollution to improve indoor air quality.


Norm Long


Norm is at the forefront of the HVAC industry, and has been so for over 30 years. A licensed Professional Engineer, Norm’s experience began in the Air Force as a design engineer on key HVAC projects and in the management of an early green energy program. He is widely known and respected as the CEO of Havtech, a leading commercial HVAC supplier, and has been instrumental in company growth for 27 years. With deep industry experience and an entrepreneurial focus, Norm brings leadership and skill in evaluating new technologies and solutions. His unique vantage point gives him the opportunity to synchronize innovation with market developments, and to help people breathe easier as a result.

Larry Rothenberg


Larry knows firsthand the devastating effect poor air quality has on families and lives--in ways both seen and unseen. After losing a family member many years ago to complications from asthma, the connection between clean air and longevity, and making air healthier, became a personal mission for him.

An intellectual property attorney,  Larry is a  technology industry veteran with a history of success bringing new technologies to market. He works with the Agentis Air development team and global partners to bring the company's patented technologies to consumer, commercial, and institutional markets.

Igor Krichtafovitch

Director of Research and Development

Igor has lived in Eastern Europe for several decades—in beautiful locations that are compromised by air pollution. Frustrated by the limitations of existing air purification technologies and with deep experience in electrostatics and particle pollution reduction, he began to research and develop a better way to harness ESP technology.

His 25 years of research in the field and collaboration with the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Washington resulted in the development of our patented Advanced Particle Removal Technology. Igor has PhD and Doctor of Science degrees, numerous awarded patents, and is widely published.

Alan Viosca

Director of Product Development

Inspired by the many applications for Agentis Air air purification technology,  Alan uses his experience  in mechanical engineering, product development, and  materials science to bring new products to the market.

From product design and mechanical testing to prototype generation and production, Alan translates innovation into reality.

Lon Bell

Technical Advisor

A serial entrepreneur and leading expert in the field of thermo-electric products, Lon has founded and run several successful technology companies; He holds over 100 patents and has authored more than 40 publications on the thermodynamics of thermo-electric systems, automotive crash sensors, and other electronic and electro-mechanical devices.

Five clusters of his inventions have gone into mass production and have dominated their target markets.

Sarah Vaivoda

Director of Product Marketing

Innovative, growing companies with a social mission are at the center of Sarah's experience in marketing, brand development, and customer engagement.

She brings 25 years of technology marketing, communications, and community-building expertise to the company's innovative health and wellness solutions.

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