“Effectiveness of Room Air Purifiers in Dental Practices” Published in the Fall 2023 Journal of the New York State Academy of General Dentistry

In addition to airborne viruses and pathogens, dental practice employees and visitors are at a higher risk of exposure to harmful ultrafine particulates generated during dental procedures.

As a result, the indoor air quality in these facilities can be much worse than other workplaces. “A three-step strategy of awareness, assessment, and action can be employed in dental practices to quickly improve indoor air quality.

To remove damaging ultrafine particles, in-room air purifiers can be an effective tool to supplement existing HVAC systems.  In the Fall 2023 GP Journal, Agentis Air presents an overview of the different technologies used in air purifier and criteria for selecting air purifiers for dental practices.

Read the entire journal article here  (begins on page 27)



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