Agentis Air to Present Advances in Electrostatic Filter Technology at TechConnect World 2023

Keywords: IAQ, Air Filtration, Energy Savings, Smart IOT, Sustainability, Healthy Buildings

ROCKVILLE, Maryland, June 6, 2023—Three intersecting forces have created an opportunity for advanced electrostatic technology: Growing threats to indoor air quality (IAQ) including air pollution, viruses, and distant wildfire smoke; higher industry IAQ standards; and a continuing drive for energy efficiency and sustainability in commercial buildings. To address these air-quality dynamics, Agentis Air will present “Advances in Electrostatic Filter Technology Enables Smart Filter Producing Increase in IAQ, Lowered Energy Cost, and Reduced Waste” during the TechConnect World 2023 Conference in Washington, DC, June 19-21, 2023.

“Advances in electrostatic technology,” notes Agentis Air president Larry Rothenberg, “allow buildings to respond to the competing demands of better IAQ and increased sustainability and provide significant advantages over HVAC filtration alone.”
Typical HVAC mechanical filters are not energy efficient and are not designed to capture ultrafine particles. Additionally mechanical filters clog, which increases the system back pressure, energy usage, and filter changes. Switching to higher efficiency mechanical filters creates a new issue: a permanent energy penalty to HVAC system.
The Agentis Air presentation will demonstrate how advanced electrostatic filter technology results in a more effective and efficient alternative. In a pilot project, the technology demonstrated a 50% energy savings with improved IAQ. By adding a “smart filter” feature, the technology can reduce energy use an additional 50%. The non-clogging design also significantly reduces the waste from filter replacement, improving the sustainability profile while attaining better indoor air quality.

About Agentis Air
Agentis Air is a collaboration of scientists, engineers, and air-quality experts on a mission to improve health and longevity with innovative indoor air technology. With decades of university research and development experience, the company’s focus is on transformational technologies as the foundation for more effective products. The Agentis Air innovation team is led by a scientist with over 100 patents and 20 years of experience developing advanced air purification technologies. For more information on Agentis Air technology and patents:

About TechConnect and TechConnect World
TechConnect World 2023 will be held June 19-21, 2023, at the Gaylord National Hotel & Convention Center, National Harbor, Maryland.

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