Our recent patent award for Advanced Particle Removal Technology comes after many long years of work, dedication, and inspiration. So, what could possibly top that achievement? For us, it’s seeing the technology translated into a product for the very first time.

APART offers three things not usually found in the same product: superior effectiveness, low energy usage, and quiet operation, and has applications in commercial, consumer, and institutional markets. With so many potential directions to take, we asked ourselves, where to begin?

Moving from patent to product, we decided to tackle the most challenging application first:  a portable air purifier for use in homes and offices. To realize this, we worked with the exceptional talent at Product Creation Studio. The result is Brio, which will be on the market later this year. In a recently published case study, PCS offers a window into Brio’s complex and exciting product design and development process.

Another goal for the PCS team: To make the outside reflect the innovation inside this market-disrupting product. As PCS notes in their case study, “Competitor products proved to be bulky, unattractive, and noisy, all while being less efficient. The goal was to create an air purifier that not only improved the air you breath but considered the users as well, pleasantly fitting into the home without intruding on their style or wellbeing.”

See the complete case study here.

Agentis Air Portable Air Purifier

Images courtesy of Product Creation Studio

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