Agentis Air was featured in a Geekwire article by@Lisa_Stiffler reporting on a U.S. patent issued to the University of Washington for a new air filtration technology that can remove airborne pollution —  including viruses — while using less energy and with lower maintenance costs than other systems. Agentis Air is the exclusive worldwide licensee of the patent.

Here’s an excerpt from the Geekwire article ( read it in full here):
“Agentis Air uses electrostatic filtration, a proven technology that gives particles in the air an electrical charge, then catches and holds them on charged metal plates. But instead of plates, the startup has created a dense foam in which the pollutants become trapped. In other devices, the plates need to be frequently cleaned of the particles, which can sometimes fall off and re-pollute the air. With the new technology, a collection cartridge containing the foam core is easily removed and replaced.

“Another approach to cleaning the air is using a physical filter that air is pushed through (akin to breathing through an N95 face mask), but it requires larger amounts of energy to push the air and the filters can clog. The foam catches the particles like a traditional filter, but the pollution primarily flows across or parallel to the foam surface, not through it, and is pulled into the foam.

Read the Geekwire Article

Read the Patent Announcement

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