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Brio air purifier for smooth return to office transitions

Brio the innovative air purifier

Healthy indoor is a baseline requirement for leasing and return to work plans. Don’t let outdated HVAC systems stand in the way. 

As commercial real estate owners and managers seek to attract new tenants to office and residential space, they face challenges in meeting elevated clean indoor air expectations with existing systems. In addition to investment cost and time, attempts to adapt current systems may lead to increased inefficiency, higher energy usage, and more maintenance expense. And many HVAC systems can’t be upgraded at all.

That’s why the CDC, the EPA, ASHRAE and the NIH all recommend the use of in-room air purifiers, like Brio™, to improve indoor air quality.

With constant performance and clean airflow, Brio’s patented technology does what HEPA can’t.

Using a layered approach with HVAC systems, Brio can be the bridge to healthy indoor air, removing ultrafine dust, copier toner, 3D printer inks, smoke, viruses, germs, bacteria, mold, as well as outdoor pollutants, including pollen, smog, and wildfire smoke.

APART Collection Cartridge in Brio Air Purifier
Brio’s  long-life APART cartridge traps particles and lasts 3-5 times longer than comparable HEPA filters, saving money and maintenace.

Brio’s APART technnology removes all particles, including the most dangerous ultrafine pathogens, so clean air can flow freely and effectiveness stays constant between filter changes.


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