Agentis Air introduces the BrioTM Air Purifier—with patented technology to improve indoor air quality, overcoming HEPA limitations—at 2022 BOMA International Conference, in Nashville, June 25-28


In commercial settings, Brio provides a rapid, adaptable response to close the gap between building HVAC systems and healthy indoor air

Return-to-work initiatives and the enduring pandemic highlight the gap between the minimally acceptable indoor air quality (IAQ) in commercial spaces and truly healthy air. The system-level changes needed to achieve healthy indoor air are difficult to implement quickly and cost effectively. And after upgrades, HVAC systems may still fall short. For this reason, ASHRAE, the EPA, the NIH, the CDC, and other advisory groups recommend the use of in-room, portable air purifiers.

Agentis Air closes this gap with the Brio portable air purifier, which will be on display at the 2022 BOMA International Conference Technology Pavilion (#442), June 25-26, 2022, in Nashville. Brio serves as a first step, a supplement, and as an adaptable long-term solution to a dynamic health concern. Brio delivers constant, clean airflow for better indoor air quality without filter clogging. Designed for use in commercial offices, homes, and small-business establishments, Brio removes invisible fine and ultrafine particles, and kills viruses and germs, using patented Advanced Particle Removal Technology (APART™). Developed by researchers at the University of Washington, APART technology keeps Brio’s effectiveness high between cartridge replacements. Brio’s non-clogging particle collection cartridge can last a year or longer.

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